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Talking Dictionary170. What's The Name Of This Museum?


170. It is a huge, popular museum on Fifth Avenue. It's next to Central Park. Many steps lead up to the main entrance. Banners hang outside the museum. One says, "Heroic Africa." Another says, "The 9/11 Peace Story Quilt." Another says, "Master Painters of India." A sign near the entrance says, "Open Late Tonight." George asked, "What's the name of this museum? I don't see a sign anywhere. I see the banners. I see the names of the exhibits. I see the Open Late sign. I see everything but the name of the museum." His wife said, "Don't be so picky. Everyone knows it's the Met. I'm sure there's a sign somewhere." They walked up the steps. On either side of the entrance doors was a small plaque. Each plaque said, "The Metropolitan Museum of Art." His wife said, "See? Here are your signs!" George said, "These aren't signs. They're footnotes!" 3.0


170. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.