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Talking Dictionary169. The Bicycle Pump At K‐Mart


169. He was going to ride his bike down to South Ferry. He squeezed the tires. They were soft. They needed air. I should buy a pump one of these days, he thought. He rode his bike to K‐Mart on 34th Street. He walked the bike inside the store. He went to the big elevator. He took it downstairs. He went to the bike section. He took a bicycle pump off the shelf. He pumped up both tires. Now they were hard. He took the elevator back to ground level. He walked his bike to the exit door. The security person stopped him. "May I see your receipt?" she asked. He laughed. "I bought this bike three months ago. Here, look at the dirt on these tires," he said. "I just came here to put some air in the tires." She said, "Really!? That's not allowed. Don't do it anymore, please." 0.6


169. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.