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Talking Dictionary168. A Good Deal On A Used Book


168. He took the subway to Strand Book Store. The one‐way subway fare was $2.25. He needed a vocabulary book. He found "Word Menu." The book lists words according to subject matter. For example, listed under Clothing are types of clothing, such as Sweaters. Listed under Sweaters are types of sweaters, such as V‐Neck and Turtleneck. There were only two books. They were used, not new. One was $12, and one was $7. That's strange, he thought. Why are the prices different? He examined both books carefully. He couldn't find a single difference between them. He bought the $7 book. He felt good. He had just saved $5. He went home. He walked over to his bookshelf. He was about to put the book on his bookshelf. Then he stopped. There on his bookshelf was the same book! He opened the book. Inside was a sticker. The sticker said "Strand—$1." 2.9


168. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.