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Talking Dictionary166. Where Are My Free Quick Picks?


166. "There are no honest people anymore," Jesse told his wife. "Everyone is after your money. They will lie and cheat just to get your money." His wife said it wasn't that bad. "Most people are honest," she said. "You just seem to attract the bad ones." Jesse went to the newsstand. The PowerBall lottery was worth over $100 million. He gave $5 to the newsstand worker. The worker gave Jesse one PowerBall ticket. When Jesse got home, he looked at the bottom of the ticket. It said, "Buy $5 of Lotto on one ticket in October. Get $2 Lotto Quick Pick ticket free!" Where are my two free quick picks, he wondered. He showed the ticket to his wife. "The newsstand guy cheated me!" Jesse said. "He didn't give me my two free games." She disagreed. She said, "You have to buy $5 of LOTTO. You bought $5 of POWERBALL!" 2.6


166. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.