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Talking Dictionary164. Need A Taxi? He Can Help


164. He was tall and thin. His beard was white. He was wearing a baseball cap and a windbreaker. Both were dark blue. Both looked worn. He was standing on the sidewalk. He was in front of a busy museum in New York City. He was standing next to the taxi stand. He called out to nearby pedestrians, "Taxi? Taxi? Do you want a taxi?" He guided them to a waiting taxi. He opened the back door for the pedestrians. They entered the yellow taxi. As they entered, he said, "Tip. Tip, please?" He usually got a dollar or two. Sometimes he got a $5 tip. A young woman had been watching him. She walked over to him. She said, "This looks like a great job." He said, "It is. I make almost $100 a day." She said, "That's not bad for eight hours." He said, "Eight hours? How about four?!" 1.8


164. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.