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Talking Dictionary163. Oily Beans Make Tasty Coffee


163. He was in the coffee section at the supermarket. He saw a new brand of coffee beans. The brand was "VeryGood." The package looked nice. Nice packages usually contain nice products. The package said "French Roast." He loved French Roast. But he usually bought the Starbucks brand. VeryGood was cheaper, though. He decided to try it. "Every time you shop," he always told his friends, "you should buy a new product. That way you might find a new taste treat." He bought the new brand and went home. He opened the package. The beans were light brown. They were dry. Starbucks beans are dark brown. They're oily. This doesn't look good, he thought. He made a pot of coffee. It was terrible. Army coffee had tasted better. He took the package and receipt back to the supermarket. He got a refund. That'll teach me to try something new, he thought. 2.3


163. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.