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Talking Dictionary162. Protesters Don't Like Wall Street


162. The protest was in the news. Hundreds of protesters were living in a park near Wall Street. They had been there for three weeks. They planned to stay there for many more weeks. They marched on Wall Street. They carried signs. One sign said, "Tax the greedy, not the needy." Sheri asked, "What do they want?" Her husband said, "They think Wall Street corporations make too much money. They think the corporations are greedy. They think the corporations should share their money." She asked, "Do they want the corporations to give them free money?" He said, "Maybe some of them do. But I think most of them want decent jobs." She said, "If they want a corporation to offer decent jobs, they should form their own corporation. Many corporations start with one person and one good idea. There are hundreds of protesters. Don't any of them have one good idea?" 3.1


162. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.