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Talking Dictionary161. I Hate My Name


161. The little boy was upset. His mom asked why. He said kids at school were making fun of him. "How do they make fun of you? You're a smart, handsome boy," she said. He said, "They make fun of my name." She asked, "How do they do that, Herman? You have a perfectly good name. You were named after your grandpa. He was a good man. You should be proud of your name." He said, "I hate it. They change 'her' to 'she.' They call me 'Sheman.' They joke that I'm part girl. I hate them. I hate my name." She asked who was making fun of him. He said Clancy and Johnny were. His mom said, "Clancy and Johnny? Here's what you can do. From now on, you call Clancy 'Nancy' and Johnny 'Jenny.' You joke that they are ALL girl. They'll stop calling you 'Sheman,' I promise you." 0.5


161. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.