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Talking Dictionary157. A Parade In New York City


157. Jon walked outside. He wanted to buy new shoes. He crossed Sixth Avenue. Police were setting up metal barricades along the street. He asked a policewoman what the barricades were for. She said they were for a parade. "What kind of parade?" he asked. She said it was the annual Korean Parade. He said, "That's nice. Parades are nice. That's what I love about New York City—lots of parades." He went to three shoe stores, but had no luck. Tired, he walked back to Sixth Avenue. But he couldn't cross Sixth Avenue. The parade was in progress. All the barricades were up. Police were everywhere. He asked a policeman, "How can I get across Sixth Avenue?" The policeman said, "You'll have to go up to 34th Street. You can cross there when the officer gives you the okay." What a drag, Jon thought. This city has too many parades. 3.0


157. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.