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Talking Dictionary156. Three For Him, One For Her


156. She came home. She was holding three plastic bags. They were full. He said, "Honey, don't carry heavy bags. It's bad for your back." She said, "The supermarket's only a block from my office. It's only a block from the subway station. So, I don't carry these bags very far." He opened the bags. Inside were apples, peaches, and bananas. "Holy cow!" he said. "There's enough fruit in here for a dozen monkeys." She said, "It's not for monkeys. It's for us. It's for our health." He said, "But this is too much. Half of it's going to spoil." She said, "It won't spoil if you eat your share every day." He asked, "My share? What's my share?" She said he must eat three times what she ate. "Three times! Why not split it 50‐50?" he asked. She said, "I can't eat all that sugar. It's bad for my health!" 1.2


156. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.