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Talking Dictionary154. His Lips Aren't Moving


154. Bob sat down on the bus next to an old man. The old man said, "Hi. I can talk without moving my lips or opening my mouth. Would you like to see me do that?" Bob said sure. The man started talking. He talked very clearly. He talked about the weather. He talked about the Yankees. He talked about Central Park. Bob watched him carefully. Bob watched him closely. The man's lips did not move. His mouth never opened even a little bit. Yet he said every word clearly. Bob couldn't believe it. "How do you do that?" Bob asked. "Practice," the old man said, "years of practice." Bob asked, "But why?" The old man said, "Just to see if I could do it. Now I'm working on something else." Bob asked, "What?" The old man said, "I'm going to learn how to eat and drink without opening my mouth!" 1.3


154. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.