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Talking Dictionary151. Tiger Is Dead! Long Live Tiger!


151. Did you hear? Tiger had a bad knee. He had a bad Achilles tendon. He stopped playing golf for three months. Now he is completely healthy again. Tiger is back! He played in a tournament. He finished in 37th place. He finished behind 36 other golfers. This is not the Tiger we know. Tiger doesn't finish behind anyone. Tiger finishes ahead of everyone. People say, "But wait! He didn't play for three months. Give him time. He's rusty." Yes, Tiger is rusty. And once rust has set in, the damage is done. The steel will buckle. The Tiger that we know and love is not back. A shadow of that Tiger is back. The shadow is not the real thing. The shadow has no wife. The shadow has no wins. The shadow has no game. It is what it is. Tiger has left the house. Farewell, Tiger. We loved you. 1.8


151. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.