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Talking Dictionary148. Don't Try On This Shirt


148. He was at Macy's. He needed a short‐sleeve, silk shirt. He couldn't find any silk shirts. He did find a linen‐cotton blend. This will have to do, he thought. He took the shirt, still on its hanger, to the fitting rooms. A woman directed him into an empty fitting room. He closed the door. He took off his shirt. He wasn't wearing an undershirt. He had ridden his bike that day. But he hadn't showered when he got home. His underarms smelled. He took the shirt off the hanger. He unbuttoned it. He tried it on. It was too big. He took it off. He put it back on the hanger. He took it outside. He gave it to the woman. She started buttoning it up. That shirt was going to hang on the racks again. He decided the next shirt he bought would be in a sealed plastic package. 1.4


148. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.