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Talking Dictionary144. A Colorful Front Yard


144. He was tired of mowing his green lawn. He was tired of looking at his green lawn. He was tired of green, period. He looked across the street. He saw a green lawn. All his neighbors had green lawns. Why, he wondered. Is there a law? Must all homes have green lawns? He decided it was time for a change. He dug up his green lawn. He planted vegetables. He planted carrots. He planted tomatoes. He planted squash. He planted cabbage. A month later, he looked at his new lawn. The vegetables were beautiful. They were colorful. He saw orange, red, yellow, and purple. "Our new lawn not only looks good, but it will taste good," he told his wife. Then he got a letter from the city council. It said, "Your neighbors have complained. Your lawn doesn't meet city standards. You have 30 days to make it green again." 1.8


144. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.