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Talking Dictionary143. Don't Drink The Bathroom Water


143. "What are you doing?" his wife asked. He was standing at the bathroom sink. He was filling up a glass with water. "I'm getting a glass of water," he said. "Oh no, you're not," she said. "That's bathroom water. You can't drink that. Pour it out. Go to the kitchen and get some clean water." He laughed. "Honey, all the water is the same," he said. "You can drink bathroom water, kitchen water, or even shower water if you want. It's all safe to drink. Remember, you brush your teeth every day with bathroom water." She said, "I just brush with it. I don't drink it. I spit it out." He sighed. He turned the glass upside down. The water went down the drain. He went into the kitchen. She followed him. He filled up the glass and drank the water. "That's better," she said. "You'll start feeling healthier now." 1.3


143. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.