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Talking Dictionary142. Please Fix The TV Caption


142. Ian turned on the TV. A man was talking. Ian clicked on the mute button. A caption appeared at the bottom of the screen. But the words in the caption didn't change as the man talked. They stayed the same. Another man started talking. The caption still didn't change. Then the whole caption disappeared. The first man started talking again. A new caption appeared. But it disappeared instantly. Ian didn't have time to read even one word before the caption disappeared. Ian got angry. They can put a man on the moon, he thought, but they can't do captions right. He sent an email to the TV station. He wrote, "Your captions haven't worked properly for more than a year now. Are you ever going to fix them? When?" The TV station manager replied, "Please be patient. We are trying to fix the problem. Meanwhile, isn't something better than nothing?" 2.9


142. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.