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Talking Dictionary141. Powerball Ticket Price Doubles


141. "Did you hear the news?" his wife asked. "They're doubling the price of a Powerball ticket next year. It's going to be $2." He said, "Two dollars for one ticket? That's ridiculous! One dollar is too much already. We never win anything!" Correcting him, she said, "We won two dollars last week." They had bought 10 tickets last week because first prize was $130 million. "Are they going to double our chances of winning?" he asked. "No," she replied. "They're going to make second prize worth $1 million. Right now it's worth $200,000." He said, "Big deal. Our chance of winning second prize is as low as winning first prize. Next year, we're not going to waste our money on $2 Powerball tickets. Instead, we'll buy scratchers. They're only a dollar. In fact, every time we spend a dollar on a scratcher, we'll save a dollar! Scratchers will be free!" 3.8


141. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.