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Talking Dictionary138. Mom's Missing Headstone


138. Sam took a bus to the cemetery. He went there every month to visit his mom's grave. This time something was different. Her headstone was missing. He looked around. Where is Mom's headstone, he wondered. He started to walk around the cemetery. He saw many other visitors. But he didn't see even one worker. He kept walking around. He reached a rock pile near a dumpster. At least, it looked like a rock pile. He looked more closely. It wasn't a pile of rocks. It was a pile of headstones. He found his mother's headstone. It was broken in two. He looked at the two pieces. How dare they break her headstone, he thought. How dare they throw away Mom's headstone! He carried the two pieces back to her grave. He placed them on top of her grave. He apologized to his mom. I'll fix this for you, he promised. 1.9


138. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.