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Talking Dictionary137. Where Did Her Sock Go?


137. He hated doing the laundry. It was such a hassle. Someday, he thought, clothes will be 100‐percent paper. Then we can just throw out our dirty clothes. No more washers, no more dryers. No more laundry baskets, no more laundry soap. He went to the laundry room. He washed and dried a week's worth of laundry. Back in his apartment, he sorted and folded the clean laundry. What's this, he wondered. One of his wife's socks was missing. He looked in the laundry basket. He unfolded the towels and sheets. He examined the apartment floor. He went back to the laundry room. He searched the washer and the dryer. He examined the floor and the trash can. He went back to his apartment. When his wife came home, he told her about the missing sock. "It's not missing," she said. "I threw it out. It had a hole in it." 2.1


137. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.