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Talking Dictionary136. He Knows When He'll Die


136. Bill had a dream one night. In the dream, he died on the day after his 61st birthday. Bill told his brother about his dream. His brother said, "It was only a dream." Bill said, "It wasn't just a dream. It was the TRUTH. If you ever have such a dream, you will KNOW that it's the truth." Bill felt free and happy. This dream was the best news of his life. He wouldn't die for almost 21 more years. Before then, no disease or injury would take his life. He decided to travel all over the world the last three years of his life. He decided to stay divorced. No woman would want to marry a man who was going to die at 61. He decided to do more exciting things. No more golf for me, he thought. It was time to learn how to skydive and ride motorcycles. 2.3


136. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.