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Talking Dictionary135. A High School Graduation Gift


135. Adam bought his son Dylan a $200 bottle of cologne. It was Dylan's high school graduation gift. Adam hid the cologne under the passenger seat of his car. He drove to a parking lot near the high school. He left his car with the attendant. Adam attended Dylan's graduation ceremony. Dylan walked with Adam back to his car. They got into the car. Adam drove off. He told Dylan there was a graduation gift under the seat. Dylan couldn't find anything under the seat. Adam asked, "Are you sure?" Dylan was sure. Adam drove back to the parking lot. "Where's my bottle of cologne?" he yelled at the parking lot attendant. The attendant asked, "What are you talking about?" Adam called him a liar and a thief. He swung at the attendant. The attendant pulled out a knife. Dylan rushed over to protect his dad. The attendant stabbed them both. 4.0


135. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.