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Talking Dictionary134. A Reckless Driver In Manhattan


134. The approaching car was speeding. It was heading east on 32nd Street. Brian was standing on the corner. He couldn't believe how fast the driver was going. He's going to kill someone, Brian thought. Somehow the driver missed EVERYBODY standing in the street at 6th Avenue. The car continued speeding until it was out of sight. Brian couldn't believe it. How had that driver not killed, or even hit, anyone? Brian was angry. He was angry at the driver. He was angry at himself. He hadn't yelled at the driver. He hadn't called the police. He hadn't done anything. Later, he saw a policeman. He told him about the speeding car. "What should I do next time?" Brian asked. The policeman said, "Just call 911. Tell them you saw a reckless driver. Describe the car. Tell them what direction it was heading. They'll find the car. They'll get the driver." 3.4


134. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.