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Talking Dictionary133. Drug Addict Shoots Four People


133. Four people lost their lives last Sunday morning. A man walked into a Long Island drugstore. He and his wife needed painkillers. He shot and killed everyone in the drugstore. Then he stole about 5,000 painkillers. Police arrested him several days later. He was mowing the lawn at his mother's house. "Why did he have to kill four people?" asked Mrs. Smith, the wife of the pharmacist. Mr. Smith was filling in on Sunday for the regular pharmacist. The regular pharmacist had stayed home for Father's Day. A young woman, Miss Garcia, was assisting Mr. Smith on Sunday. She would have graduated from high school yesterday. An elderly grandfather, Mr. Jones, was picking up a prescription for his ailing wife. A single mother, Miss Evans, was picking up a prescription for her son. She was to get married next month. "Why did he have to kill ANYBODY?" wailed Mrs. Smith. 5.2


133. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.