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Talking Dictionary129. A Schoolboy's Answered Prayer


129. Victor always sat right behind Billy on the school bus. Victor kicked the back of Billy's seat all the way to school and from school. Billy hated Victor. Billy hated school. Every night Billy prayed that Victor would vanish. One morning Billy awoke and saw a yellow, plastic gun near his pillow. He put the little gun in his jacket pocket. Maybe he could scare Victor with it. Billy went outside. The bus arrived. He got on and sat down. Victor sat down behind him. Victor started kicking his seat. Billy turned around. He pointed the gun at Victor. He told Victor to stop kicking his seat. Laughing, Victor kicked the seat harder. Billy closed his eyes. He pulled the trigger. Victor stopped laughing. Billy opened his eyes. The seat was empty. Victor was gone. Billy dropped the gun. He sat down again. School will be okay now, he thought. 2.8


129. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.