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Talking Dictionary125. A Loyal Customer


125. Lily walked into Macy's on 34th Street. She needed some Dior skin cream. She went over to the cosmetics section. All the employees were busy with customers. Lily stood there. After a few minutes, one employee came over to Lily. "Hi, I'm Bev. I'll be with you in about five minutes," she said. "Is that okay?" Lily smiled and nodded. Bev went back to her customer. Lily took a chair. About five minutes later, Bev returned. She helped Lily find the items she needed. Lily paid for the items, thanked Bev, and left Macy's. "I will do business only with Bev from now on," Lily told her husband. "I was dressed in shorts and a T‐shirt. Maybe the other workers thought that I didn't have much money. They didn't offer to help me. But Bev did. She will always have my loyalty. She treated me right. I'll treat her right." 2.9


125. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.