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Talking Dictionary124. He Remembers Only The Good Things


124. She felt bad. She had yelled at her mom. She had made her mom cry. Even though she had apologized, she still felt bad. "I can't believe I hurt my own mom," she said. "My life seems to be just one bad thing after another. Either I do bad things, or bad things happen to me. And I remember them all. I hate living with all these bad memories." He said he was lucky. "I don't have any bad memories," he said. She didn't believe him. She said everyone has bad memories. He said, "Not me. All I have are nice memories. I have memories of birthdays and holidays. I have memories of good times and fun times. I don't have a single bad memory." She said, "Your grandma died last week! Isn't that a bad memory?" He said, "She left me $10,000 in her will. What's bad about that?" 2.4


124. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.