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Talking Dictionary122. Don't Jump Out Of Windows


122. Ricky opened the window. He climbed out onto the windowsill. He looked down at the street below. A bus was approaching. When it was almost under the window, he jumped. He landed on the bus. He groaned. The bus driver heard the impact. He pulled over. He got out of the bus. He shouted, "Is someone up there? Are you okay?" Ricky said, "My back hurts." The bus driver told him not to move. He said he would call 911. Ricky lay still. The paramedics came. They lowered him to the ground. They put him in an ambulance. The ambulance took him to the hospital. A doctor examined him. He said Ricky would be okay. "You're very lucky," the doctor said. "You didn't break any bones. What happened? Did you fall?" Ricky said, "I jumped. I was practicing. I'm going to be a stunt man after I finish high school." 2.3


122. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.