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Talking Dictionary119. A Bad Restaurant Table


119. The waitress showed them to their table. It wasn't where they had sat the previous month. That table was quiet and almost private. This table, at the south end of the restaurant, was only five feet away from a busy cash register. Also, the table was at the intersection of two aisles. One aisle led to another dining room. One aisle led straight to the buffet line. The foot traffic was constant throughout their meal. Waiters, waitresses, busboys, adults, and kids walked by within inches of their table. "If I put my foot out just a little bit," Woody told Ellen, "ten people will step on it or trip on it every minute." They went home a little frazzled. "Well," Ellen said, "we had the best table last time, and the worst table this time." Woody said, "Yes, we did. The food wasn't as delicious this time, that's for sure." 4.5


119. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.