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Talking Dictionary118. I Love New York City!


118. "I love New York City," said Eddie. "I wake up happy because I'm waking up in NYC. I sleep like a baby because I'm sleeping in NYC. It's a big city chock‐full of small, friendly communities. It isn't the mean city that people see in the movies. It's a city made for enjoying. It's a city made for exploring. What's not to love?" Barry said, "Ha! What's not to love? Bags of smelly garbage are on the streets every day. Some sidewalks and subway stations reek of urine. Streets and subways—even the sidewalks!—are jam‐packed. And the bikers—just yesterday a biker almost ran me over. They come at you from everywhere—from the front, from the back, and from the sides. When I step into the street, I look out for bikers first, cars second." Eddie said, "Those things aren't bad. They just add CHARACTER to our city." 3.7


118. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.