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Talking Dictionary117. A Red Bike On Display


117. He bought a blue bike at K‐Mart. He rode it home. He read the owner's manual. He returned to K‐Mart the next day. He needed to buy a bell for his new bike. New York City requires all bikes to have a bell or horn. He hadn't known that. He had seen many bikes on the street without a bell or horn. But he didn't want to get a citation. He went to the bike section. What's this, he asked himself. A red bike was on display. It wasn't there yesterday. He looked at it. It was half as expensive as his new bike! He examined the red bike. He lifted it; it was heavy. The seat was as hard as a rock. He did not like the knobby tires. The gears were not Shimano. The bike was not a Schwinn. This bike SHOULD be half as expensive, he thought. 0.7


117. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.