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Talking Dictionary116. A Bike For The City


116. He wanted to explore New York City. He decided to buy a bike. "Make sure you buy a helmet," his wife said. "And make sure you clean the tires. Don't bring dirty tires into our apartment." Clean the tires? How in the world was he going to clean the tires? There was no hose outside their apartment building. He hoped she was kidding. He went to K‐Mart. He bought a helmet and a 21‐speed Schwinn. He walked the bike out of K‐Mart. He put on the helmet. He got on the bike. He rode it east on 34th Street to the river. He rode it north a few blocks and then south. This was fun! He rode it west to Madison Square Park. A huge, white statue of a woman's head was in the park. People were taking photos of it. He rode home. He felt like a kid again. 1.0


116. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.