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Talking Dictionary115. Doctor Cures A Bad Memory


115. Lou had a bad memory of a bad event. He couldn't put it out of his mind. It was with him when he went to sleep. It was with him when he woke up. It was with him all day long. He went to a memory doctor. He told the doctor his problem. The doctor said he could remove the bad memory. But there was a problem. He might accidentally remove some other memories too. "That's okay," said Lou. "As long as this bad memory goes, it's okay if a few other memories go with it." The doctor gave Lou a Bad Memory pill. Lou swallowed it. A minute later, he said, "I'm cured! I don’t remember the bad memory, whatever it was." The doctor asked, "Do you remember how much I was going to bill you?" Lou said, "No. Tell me again." The doctor smiled. He doubled Lou's bill. 2.6


115. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.