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Talking Dictionary114. The World's Greatest City


114. "New York City is the greatest city in the world," said Herman. "I've been here my whole life. We have the best of everything. We have 8 million friendly people. We have 10,000 friendly taxicab drivers. We have the world's greatest subway system, even on weekends when half the trains aren't running. We have the Brooklyn Bridge, the world's greatest bridge for walking and taking pictures. We have Grant's Tomb and the Staten Island Ferry—they're both free! We have the world's best pizza because it's made right here in NYC! We have I Love NY tee‐shirts. We have everything! Who would ever want to go anywhere else?" Maria said, "But there's a lot of other nice cities in the world. Maybe you should visit them to compare." Herman said, "Why should I visit other cities? People from those cities are visiting us. That just proves how great NYC is!" 4.3


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