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Talking Dictionary110. Food For The Potted Plants


110. They took the escalator downstairs. They were at Home Depot. She wanted to buy some more plants. She also wanted to buy some plant food. Ryan went to the plant food section. He saw big containers and small packages. One small package was only $2. It contained 15 "sticks" of plant food. Each stick was smaller than a golf pencil. He told Paula it was a good deal. "Are you sure?" she asked. "It's $2!" he said. She asked, "Did you read the directions?" He read them. He said, "This is ridiculous. I thought we only needed to put one stick in each pot. But we need to put six sticks in a big pot. We need to put two sticks in a little pot. We need to replace the sticks every 30 days. I thought this stuff was cheap, but it isn't." She said, "That's the problem with 'cheap.'" 1.6


110. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.