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Talking Dictionary109. A Visit To The Statue Of Liberty (2)


109. Neil stood by the rail. He looked at the water 30 feet below. The boat left the dock. Everyone was enjoying the view. People were taking pictures of the Manhattan skyline. The wind suddenly gusted. The strong gust blew Neil's cap off. He saw it hit the water. The boat arrived at Liberty Island. Everyone got off. Neil walked toward the statue. The statue was much bigger up close. It was on top of a pedestal. The pedestal was almost 100 feet high. A security guard was sitting on a concrete wall. The wall was only a few feet high. It bordered the walkway around the statue. Neil asked, "Why is the statue green?" The guard said he didn't know. Neil continued walking. He saw a plaque fixed to the wall. The plaque said oxidation had turned the copper statue green. The plaque was about 100 feet from the guard. 3.1


109. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.