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Talking Dictionary108. A Visit To The Statue Of Liberty (1)


108. It was a warm, sunny day in Manhattan. Many people were standing in a long line. They had bought tickets for the Statue of Liberty. They were waiting to board the boat. Neil could see the statue in the distance. It looked pretty small. He bought a ticket. Now all he needed was a hat. A sidewalk vendor nearby was selling baseball caps. Most of them had "NY" on them. The price was $5. Neil offered $4. The vendor gave him a cap. Neil gave the vendor $4, plus a 50‐cent tip. The vendor smiled and thanked him. Neil felt a little guilty. He gave the vendor 50 cents more. He got in line. The boat arrived. Neil and the other passengers walked onto the boat. A sign on the boat said, "Capacity 500." But Neil didn't see anyone counting the passengers. He went upstairs to the top deck. 2.6


108. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.