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Talking Dictionary 1056. Every Vote Matters!


1056. Bob said, "Some woman with a green card complained that she's not allowed to vote this November. She says that since she lives in America, she should be allowed to vote in America." Sara said, "Shame on America! Everyone who lives here should be allowed to vote—unless they live in a cemetery, of course." Bob said, "Amen! What good is living in the Land of Opportunity if you don't have the opportunity to vote? I say, Live here, vote here." Sara said, "That's right. And while we're at it, age shouldn't matter either." Bob said, "Correctomonday! You're only 17? Vote! You're only 7? Vote!" Sara said, "Make it a family affair. Bring the pre‑Ks and the newborns. Hold the pen in their tiny little hands as you help them sign their name." Bob said, "Don't stop there! After everyone votes, get back in line so you can vote again!" x.0


1056. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.