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Talking Dictionary 1055. The Fog Of Age


1055. He said, "I'm losing it. I forgot the name of the candy I was eating—while I was eating it! And it wasn't a brand new candy that I'd never eaten before. It wasn't a candy with a fancy‐schmancy foreign name. It was a famous brand with a simple name that I grew up with. Finally, when I couldn't think of the name, I looked at the box—Milk Duds!" She said, "Well, that doesn't mean you're losing it. All that sugar just shorted out a few of your brain's memory cells." He said, "But, that's never happened to me—yet!—while I was munching on M&Ms or Hershey Kisses. No, this forgetting's been ongoing. I'm losing it. I'm the one who knows best that I'm losing it—but nobody believes me. I can't wait till I remember absolutely nothing so I can tell the world, 'I told you so!'" 4.0


1055. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.