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Talking Dictionary 1054. Toy Gun=Gun, Candy Bar=Bar, New York=York


1054. Laura said, "I'm taking my sign to West 56th to protest Trump's plan to remove immigrants. How dare he! We're all immigrants. Even the First Americans were immigrants. What's he going to do, remove us all? He should remove himself—first." Rob said, "Hello! English is your only language, so you should know better. He's not planning to remove immigrants. He's planning to remove illegal immigrants. That's two words, not one word. Two words, as you know, have a different meaning than one word. For example, you scoop ice cream, but you pour cream. You eat a hot dog, but you pet a dog. You drive a fire engine, but you fix an engine." Laura said, "Wrong, as in Totally Wrong. Everyone knows there's no such thing as an illegal immigrant, so you can't even put those two words together. So the only thing that's 'illegal' is your stupid argument!" 4.1


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