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Talking Dictionary 1053. Putin Moves into White House


1053. Gracie said, "What are you reading?" George said, "A textbook—Elementary Russian." She said, "You're learning a second language? Good for you! But why Russian?" He said, "Haven't you heard? The fake news is real news! Trump did make a deal with Putin! Trump said America's media was helping Hillary, so it was only fair that Russia's president help him. As part of the deal, Trump gets Manhattan, which he's renaming Trump Island. As the other part, Putin moves into the White House and becomes President of the Union of Soviet America. He promises jobs for everyone—as long as you speak Russian. If you don't speak it by next year, he says you can learn it at your leisure—in Siberia." Gracie said, "Oh, my gosh! I can't learn Russian. Their letters are backward! I'm so stupid. Why didn't I do what my coworkers did? They all voted twice!" 4.1


1053. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.