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Talking Dictionary 1052. O Christmas Tree!


1052. Lucy said, "My boss is a real Scrooge. He thinks Christmas trees, lights, and decorations should be up for one week only." Ethel said, "He should work at Rockefeller Center. I was driving by the skating rink the other night at 11:45 and guess what—the tree wasn't lit! A week before Christmas, not even midnight yet, and the tree was a conical lump of coal. That same night, the Seaport tree and the Bryant Park tree were glittering gems at 2 a.m. But the grandest tree in America—America's Christmas tree!—was put to bed before midnight. This city never sleeps—neither should its Christmas tree!" Lucy said, "It's a disgrace, especially after they make such a big TV to‐do of lighting it up!" Ethel said, "It's not just a disgrace. It's a New York disgrace!" Lucy said, "It's not just a New York disgrace. It's a national disgrace!" 5.1


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