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Talking Dictionary 1051. Shaken, Not Stirred


1051. Noemi entered her brownstone and turned on the TV. A man in mid‐sentence said, "its soft undertones of sweet almond, viscous buttery texture, balanced bitterness, and elongated peppery finish." Noemi wondered what he was talking about. She'd never tasted a "sweet" almond. But, if you add sugar and butter, you'd get almond butter. Add some water, and it's viscous. The "bitterness" puzzled her. Maybe they used almonds that weren't quite ripe. How could bitterness be "balanced"? You taste it on both sides of your tongue, instead of just on the left side? "Finish" had to be fancy talk for "taste." "Peppery" must mean they added chili peppers to the almond butter. And "elongated" must mean that you have to fan your open mouth for a few minutes after tasting the almond butter. The TV camera zoomed in on a bottle of olive oil. "Olive oil?!" she yelled at the TV. 5.3


1051. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.