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Talking Dictionary 1050. Penguins In The Big Apple


1050. Holly, the supervisor, called Will into her Manhattan office. She said, "Today, you said hello to everyone in the office, by name, except Andy. Ditto, yesterday. Anything I should know?" Will said, "Have you ever greeted someone and they didn't respond? And you greeted them the next day, and they ignored you again?" Holly nodded. "Well, since I started working here last week, Andy's ignored my hellos. Once, I even loudly repeated 'Good morning, Andy,' and he grunted without even looking up. Whenever I say hi, he's too 'busy' with his paperwork to reply. But, he replies to everyone else." Holly said, "You must've done or said something that offended him. He's very sensitive." Will said, "Well, so am I." She said, "I'll talk to him. You're going to be working together, so it helps if you're on friendlier terms. This office is frigid enough without adding two cold shoulders." 5.4


1050. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.