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Talking Dictionary 1049. Snubs Subs To Mad Mags


1049. He said, "I'm not renewing five of my nine magazine subscriptions." She said, "I don't blame you. They're all too expensive." He said, "They're all too liberal—meaning, they're all fake news! Blatant lies and lies of omission. I don't get it. News is their life, but they don't see the biggest news story of all—America's the new France! They're like the frog in the pot of slowly boiling water. They see the first bubbles—Bowling Green, Boston, San Bernardino—but they don't think they're important. They're just a small price to pay for poorly vetted immigration. We can live with the occasional jihadist, right? Ten here, 50 there—why, that's nothing compared to drunk drivers. Well, I've had enough. Every article in these magazines is tainted by their hatred of Trump. I can't believe anything they print." She said, "Nothing?!" He said, "I'm okay with the page numbers." 4.7


1049. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.