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Talking Dictionary 1046. Even Worse, His Nov. 8 Ballot


1046. Laura and Bill had been out of touch. They accidentally met near The Halal Guys line on W 53rd. Laura asked, "So, what's new?" Bill said, "Well, I shouldn't brag, but I just discovered a cure for cancer." Laura said, "You mean some blue moon variety that attacks only three‐legged mice?" Bill laughed. "No, I mean the everyday variety that causes lung cancer, skin cancer, and every other cancer." Laura gasped. "No! And this isn't all over the front page?! Yesterday, every news channel featured some guy who invented a new cure for hiccups! But you've discovered the cure for cancer and nobody knows about it?!" Bill said, "Well, the media were about to broadcast my discovery nationwide, but then they discovered my dirty little secret and killed the story." Laura asked, "Dirty little secret? You're not a serial killer, are you?" Bill said, "Worse! I'm a life‐long Republican." 5.7


1046. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.