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Talking Dictionary 1044. Driver Driving Driven


1044. Paula and Wes, Manhattan attorneys, used the same car service. David's friendliness had prompted each of them, months ago, to ask him to become their regular driver. One day at work, however, Paula said, "I love David, so I don't want to hurt his feelings, or his income. But his driving is so, um, uneven." Wes said, "Or, um, scary! I owe him a long overdue talk." The next night, before exiting David's car, Wes said, "David, Paula and I like you, but we're thinking of changing drivers. You slam on the brakes. You step on the gas. You don't slow down for potholes. I feel like I'm on the Cyclone back here! You've got to start driving like we're trying to drink a cup of hot coffee back here. Can you do that?" David said, "Thank you so much for telling me! Why didn't you tell me this before?" 3.6


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