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Talking Dictionary 1043. From Cute To Court


1043. Bill, the building super, held open the hinged, exterior elevator door of the old apartment building for Tom. Tom, a long‐time tenant, thanked him. Still holding the door, Bill said, "C'mon! People are waiting." His 12‐year‐old grandson Jud sashayed into the elevator. The interior door slid shut and the elevator rose from the lobby. Bill said, "Say hello to Mr. Tom." Jud ignored his grandfather and Tom. Bill repeated himself, adding, "He's the owner of the building." Jud said, "Really?! Hi, Mr. Tom!" Jud's big smile looked almost genuine to Tom, who hardly liked the lad. Laughing, Tom said to Bill, "I wish!" The elevator stopped at the second floor. Bill and Jud exited. Tom heard Jud ask, "What's he wishing for?" Tom told his wife about the elevator conversation, adding, "I wish Bill wouldn't say things like that. In a few years, the kid'll probably try to rob us." 4.4


1043. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.