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Talking Dictionary 1042. Which Candidate Wins Your Vote?


1042. Rudy and Ruby were trying to keep it civilized. Rudy said, "How can you? Just because she's a woman? Wake up! She's a 'sister,' but she's going to run Big Brother. She's going to be in charge of a political, financial, and media machine that even now is trying to control every facet of our daily lives. That machine's going to make '1984' look like Nirvana." Ruby said, "Oh, the sky is falling! The lies about her are nothing compared to the truth about him, the silver spoon brat who 'matured' into a 'dirty old man.' He hates browns and blacks. He hates women. He's a business failure and a born liar!" Rudy said, "She's a bigger born liar! Go ahead, vote for the machine. I'm voting for him. He's not part of any machine. He's flawed, but he's human flesh and blood. He stands alone, but he stands tall." 3.9


1042. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.