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Talking Dictionary 1039. Long Day, Long Face


1039. His wife asked, "Why the long face?" He said, "It's June 20." She said, "Oh, yes. You love sunshine. So on the longest day of the year, with the most sunshine, you're unhappy." He said, "Of course I'm unhappy. Because starting tomorrow, the days are going to get shorter and darker." She said, "So why don't you just enjoy today? Don't worry about tomorrow being shorter. You remind me of that guy who, on his wedding day, suggested to his new bride that they kill themselves because they'd never be happier than on their wedding day. It was going to be all downhill from there." He said, "Well, that guy was an idiot, because he didn't know for sure. Maybe they'd have a beautiful baby. Maybe they'd get divorced. But I know for sure. The days are definitely going to get shorter, and this day is the cause of it." 3.3


1039. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.