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Talking Dictionary 1038. Art Not To Be Sneezed At


1038. A private collector paid $100 million for "Eat Your Vegetables," a textured, abstract expressionist 6'x15' painting. But he loaned it to museums for half of every year, so the lacquered, granular, panoramic artwork basked in worldwide popularity and acclaim. Late in life, the artist agreed to a magazine interview. He told the writer the story behind his colorful oeuvre. "I was staring at a blank canvas. I was eating a tomato. I have terrible allergies every spring. I suddenly sneezed. Tiny bits of tomato splattered all over the canvas. At first, I was angry. Then, I was inspired. I ate some more tomato. I sneezed again. I ate some mango. I sneezed again. I ate some garden peas. I sneezed again. Every spring for 10 years, I kept eating and 'painting.'" He chuckled. She said, "That's disgusting. Your million‐dollar 'painting' is chewed food?!" He said, "It's a lot of lettuce." 5.9


1038. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.